best 3d glasses 2017

Nothing better than enjoying your favorite 3D movies in your own home, right? When purchasing the right glasses you always have to look at whether they are compatible with your TV, plus the type of glasses preferred and some essential features. If you are already clear what you are looking for, we present the two most recommended options of the moment to facilitate your decision. The Samsung SSG-P51002 3D glasses are extremely popular due not only to their high performance but also to their autonomy of up to 150 hours. Another model that leads the user preferences is LG AG-F315, which has UV protection and does not need batteries to work.

Comparison chart

Samsung SSG-P51002


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Compared to other more tight glasses, these glasses can be used directly with your own eyeglasses, without any risk of one colliding with others or causing annoying overlays during the use of them.

These Samsung goggles are designed to be used exclusively with the models of televisions of this same brand, reason why its compatibility is limited and only with certain models of this manufacturer.

Discover a new world of 3D images with glasses of excellent quality, designed to take you to new worlds from the comfort of your home .
LG AG-F315


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These glasses lack batteries so it reduces the overall weight of the same while avoiding the frustration that usually results from running out of batteries mid-film, having to recharge them.

As mentioned by users the glasses have a certain fragility so it is necessary to treat them with the utmost care in order to avoid breaks in the frames and glass during use.

A really economical and interesting model with which to enjoy 3D sensations in family without having to spend too much .
Sony TDGBR250B


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Its charged battery allows a use for 3 hours, a high time considering that we speak of glasses of active type. The best thing is that to load them again only take 3 minutes to be fully productive again.

As with the Samsung model, being an active type glasses are only compatible with 3D TVs Bravia series, so it is recommended again to check the appropriate compatibility before making your purchase.

Enjoy the best 3D sensations with an active eye care design and excellent performance on any type of content.

What are the best 3D glasses on the market?

If you have a 3D TV, sure you will find this guide to buy the best 3D glasses very useful. Here we talk about how to choose which 3D glasses are the best by analyzing certain factors beyond the price of them.

best 3D glasses on the market

Buying Guide

How to make a comparison of 3D glasses?

When you buy 3D glasses, you must first determine if your TV is active or passive, this means if it has the ability to output images in passive or active 3D format.

The 3D image is “shaped” in a way by deceiving our brains, in the case of the active 3D television will show our eyes at a high-speed so that some are visualized by the right eye and others by the left eye, Giving this exchange from one eye to the other at such a high-speed the three-dimensional image is formed.

However, with the passive 3D television is formed in another way, an image is emitted where the left eye is merged with the right eye with the help of polarized glasses which means that each eye sees only the images that correspond to it.

Passive 3D TVs have a particular advantage if they are to play since one of the players can see one image while the other one looks at another, this capacity is known as a dual player.

Active 3D glasses

They are more expensive than passive but offer higher resolution, on the other hand, their use for long periods can cause eye fatigue and headache.

In addition, they are considerably heavier than passive ones due to the integrated mechanism they have, and their use is also more complicated because they require connection and synchronization before they are used.

Passive 3D glasses

They are quite cheap so you can have your glasses for the whole family, they are very light because they do not include any integrated mechanism, only the frame, and plastic lenses.

Its image quality barely reaches a mean, about half the potential of high-definition. The main problem when using them has noticed if it is very close to the television or at a very wide-angle. There is no need to connect or synchronize them, to use them simply put them so that in this sense are easier to use than the active ones.

Its compatibility is total; you can use them with any brand of television that uses this system of 3D imaging. However, they have a big point against it and is that they only work with LCD / LED televisions, not so with plasmas or projections.

best 3D glassesCompatibility

If you buy an active glasses it is advisable to buy glasses that are of the same brand as your TV, this will ensure that they are compatible, not all glasses work with the same technology so if you have a TV you have, for example, Samsung brand, the best thing is not that you notice how much the best 3D glasses Samsung cost but simply what glasses your TV needs for the 3D experience is amazing.

While there are some manufacturers that offer generic glasses, the results are not always the best. In fact, do not forget that there is a strong competition between the manufacturers of television sets regarding the use of innovative technologies that increase the quality of the image and audio so that even the most subtle difference in terms of 3d is valuable.

What are the best 3D glasses of 2017?

If you enjoy watching movies in the third dimension whether alone, as a couple or with your family in the comfort of your home, then surely you need 3D glasses that perfectly fit your needs and those of your loved ones.

Below you will see a list where you can find the best quality 3D glasses in the market according to your expectations and thanks to the contribution of consumers who value those products and proclaimed them as the best.

Recommended Products

Samsung SSG-P51002

best 3d glasses 2017These lenses are designed for those who already have glasses to improve their vision. It is not a secret for anyone that, sometimes, 3D glasses can become annoying and therefore, the Samsung Company decided to facilitate the process and design user-friendly glasses, comfortable and unique features.

This model is able to stay active for up to 150 hours, thanks to the optimized battery included. In addition, thanks to its improved 3D effect it is able to accelerate the graphics and generate a more vivid experience in the user, which is why this product has been cataloged as one of the best 3D glasses of 2017.

Finally, it is important to note that it is only compatible with Samsung 3D TVs in its D, E and F series for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013. Be careful when purchasing them!

Now, if you want to observe in more detail the pros and cons of the best 3D glasses, such as the Samsung SSG-P51002, and then we invite you to review the list below:


  • Duration: One of the best things about this model is that it can be kept in use for up to 150 continuous hours thanks to its optimized lithium battery, with which it is possible to obtain high-quality images.
  • Operation: As mentioned, thanks to its features in terms of 3D effect and technology, the user will have a great experience when using these glasses, since it improves the LCD speed and, if that is not enough, optimize the shadow ratio with which is possible to obtain images that are more realistic.
  • Dimensions: It has dimensions of 15.6 x 4.1 x 16.8 cm, because these glasses can be used at the same time as ordinary glasses, so you will not have problems when using both at the same time put which in this way are designed, thinking about the user so they could be called the best 3D glasses for 20 euros.
  • Availability: It should be noted that they could be used with all Samsung models with 3D technology for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013, which is the same for their models E, D, and F.
  • 2 x 1: Best of all is that you get two glasses for the price of one, so you can enjoy all kinds of movies with your partner, family or friends.


  • Style: Due to the way they are designed, users allege that in places with the light it could be annoying to use as it is introduced into the open spaces left by the glasses.
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LG AG-F315

best 3d glasses 2017Unlike the previous model, this product does not work with batteries, so they are considered some of the best 3D glasses within its simplicity since they are ideal for a family because this article includes not one pair of lenses, but four in A single package.

While designed for users of LG 3D equipment, you can also use it in theaters and enjoy more vivid and unique colors. In addition, the best, in this case, is that they have UV protection! Therefore, you can go out with the lenses without any problem. They are simple, practical, and stylish.

The best thing about these lenses is that with Dual Play technology from LG’s 3D TVs you can play with a partner and even see the full screen as if by magic. You will no longer need to split the screen.

However, for a better visualization of both the positive and negative characteristics of this product, we invite you to review the list below:


  • No battery: The best of this model, compared to the previous one is that it is used without batteries, so you can use them whenever you want without worrying about whether the batteries will be over at some point and with that your 3D experience.
  • 4 √ó 1: Another plus point is that you will not only be getting a pair of glasses but four for the price of some! In addition, they include a cleaning cloth to keep them as new and even a box to guard them.
  • Usage: On the other hand, although this model was designed for LG equipment, can also be used to watch movies in the cinema or even on any screen that has the passive 3D technology, so if you have other equipment other than LG, you can Take advantage of the goodness of these glasses.
  • UV protection: In addition, these lenses are protected against ultraviolet (UV) rays, so you can go out with them and not have to worry about the sun or the life of them.


  • Fragile: Although they have dimensions of 25.4 x 19 x 3.8 cm, and a weight of 998 grams for what may seem robust, users claim that they might be a bit fragile and that is why it is necessary to use them carefully.
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Sony TDGBR250B

best 3d glasses 2017 (2)Returning to glasses that work with batteries, we have the model Sony TDGBR250B, which has a battery lasting for up to 30 hours and that is easily recharged by connecting a USB cable to the television with which you use the glasses.

It is necessary to mention that this model is compatible only with Bravia HD 3D TVs, something that you must consider when making your purchase since each television is configured in a different way. In the case of the Sony TDGBR250B glasses, they have “active” 3D technology, while other lenses such as previous models operate with “passive” 3D technology.

However, although the best brand of 3D glasses depends on the user, it is not too hard to give the model TDGBR250B of the famous company Sony, and you will find its pros and cons below:


  • Rechargeable: The battery can be rechargeable with USB port and recharge very fast. It should be noted that they have an autonomy of 3 hours after a full charge only 3 minutes.
  • Light: Compared to other models in its style, these glasses are a bit lighter with 181 grams to his credit. In addition, with dimensions of 7 x 8.9 x 19.7 cm, they are one of the smaller models.
    Operation: Users comment that you can enjoy your 3D movies without any problem since these glasses work correctly and comply with what was promised.


  • Uncomfortable: One of the points in cons for this model is that, according to users, these glasses can be somewhat uncomfortable when used for a long time, either in the ears or on the nose.
  • Compatibility: On the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that these glasses are only compatible with Bravia HD 3D TVs, so caution is recommended during purchase.
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Panasonic TY-EP3D20E

best 3d glasses 2017Like the model LG AG-F315, these glasses work without any type of battery since they are totally simple and practical. When designed by the Panasonic brand, they are only usable for 3D televisions of this brand, also called Smart Viera.

Likewise, they are configured under the “passive” 3D system, being completely different from the Sony TDGBR250B product. Despite this, the best thing about this model is the low price it has and is that it is one of the best cheap 3D glasses on the market because they are cheap, useful, and simple and can be used at any time.

While they are not the best 3D glasses on the market, they can be a good choice when you do not have an investment capital.

So, if you are interested in one of the cheapest 3D glasses on the market, then the Panasonic TY-EP3D20E could be an option to consider. If you are interested, we suggest you take a look at the following pros and cons about it:


  • Without battery: The best thing about this model is that you can use them wherever and whenever you want, without worrying about having to charge them since they do not require batteries for their correct operation.
  • Dimensions: They have dimensions of 16.6 x 16.6 x 3.8 cm and a weight of only 18 grams, so they are really comfortable and practical to use. Being extremely light, you will hardly notice that you are wearing them and you will have a better experience.
  • Usage: On the other hand, can be used with other common glasses, so you can carry both without any problem. According to the users, they fulfill their duty and allow seeing the 3D images in a great quality.


  • Compatibility: The only point against this model is that it can only be used with Panasonic TV models with passive 3D technology.
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Ultra GT33 G61

Ultra GT33 G61If you are looking for a pair of lenses that fit any type of 3D TV, and then the Ultra GT33 G61 is ideal since it has not been created under a specific standard, but has been thought of as neutral glasses.

This product was designed with the family in mind and the desire to see 3D movies together, so the model includes not only a pair or two of glasses, but also includes two pairs for adults and two pairs for children, fully customizable.

Best of all is that being a universal glasses you can use them whenever you want, and wherever you want, whether on your television or in the movies. The limit is the “active” system of the third dimension since these lenses will only be usable with brands such as LG, Toshiba, Sony, Technika, Cello, Video, Technika, Panasonic, JVC, Phillips, and Samsung.

Finally, if you are still not sure which 3D glasses to buy, then you should review the pros and cons of the Ultra GT33 G61 product and corroborate whether it suits your needs or if you require other types of glasses:


  • Compatibility: The best of this model is that it can be used with any type of TV, so you will not have to worry about brands as long as the equipment works with passive 3D technology.
  • Set: Another plus point for this product is that it is a set of 4 pairs, these two pairs of glasses for adults and two for children, so they are better thought to enjoy with the family a day of movies.
  • UV Protection: Like the LG AG-F315, these glasses are protected against ultraviolet (UV) rays, so they can be used under the sun without a problem. In addition, they are polarized to prevent glare.


  • Image: According to users, do not expect much quality in terms of their image, that is, if you are looking for image definition, they are not appropriate.
  • Material: The lenses are made of plastic, so it is recommended to take care for their durability.
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Samsung SSG-3570

Samsung-SSG-3570Main advantage:

The battery of the glasses is not only light but offers a duration of up to 40 hours, with a practical energy-saving function to take full advantage of the load.

Main disadvantage

As mentioned by some users the dark planes are not seen with too much clarity. Something habitual, on the other hand, in this type of glasses and filming.

Verdict: 9.5 / 10

From a manufacturer like Samsung comes 3D glasses that bring together the key elements for an excellent vision, with a dynamic optics adapted to what you see on the screen, a comfortable design to be able to use it and a long life with which to avoid to stay halfway or Having to recharge in the middle of film.

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Dynamic system

Within the 3D glasses that we find in the market, there are dynamic models and static or passive. In this case, we speak of 3D dynamic glasses that are able to respond according to what we see on the screen, so there is some communication or feedback between the glasses and the screen image. This allows the glasses to adapt their behavior in order to offer better sensations to the user.

But in order for these results to be the best, it is advisable that your TV is also branded Samsung, or otherwise compatible with your system, in order to optimize the results obtained in image, since in many cases the protocols of the TV and Of the glasses, if they are of different brands, may not follow the same operating standards.



An issue that also stands out in the Samsung SSG-3570 3D glasses is its comfort of use. Some 3D glasses have some designs that are not too practical as they force you to have to place the same ones in a certain way, forcing you to maintain the posture if you want to be able to see the image in a clear way. This is avoided thanks to the quality glasses of the glasses, but also to its mount that offers a suitable adjustment so that the comfort is always perfect. If we incorporate its lightweight, even with batteries included, the result is a product with which to see the two parts of Benhur followed without your nose or your ears suffer the effects of the glasses.

Battery and Charge

The passive glasses do not need a battery, but the active ones do. And this element is almost as important as the others because a short battery life can be a real nuisance. Fortunately, the battery of the Samsung SSG-3570 3D glasses has a lifespan of up to 40 hours, so you will not need to charge them frequently, even with heavy use. In addition, they have a system that turns off the glasses when it does not detect signal to communicate in order to save more battery.

And when you need to charge them, you’ll only need 30 minutes to refill your battery and enjoy another 40 hours of entertainment. This charge is very simple, simply connect the charging cable to the port on the mount and waiting for this time. At the moment they are back active and available.

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The most popular brands

If you are one of those who thinks of 3D glasses and identifies them with old models of cardboard, blue and red glass, you need to update. And fast. Because modern 3D technology has little to do with those disastrous inventions. Today, 3D glasses, along with a suitable television, offer a new sensation and a pleasant image quality without headaches or discomfort. Especially if they are from a first level manufacturer like the three that we analyze below.

best 3d glasses 2017

Talking about 3D glasses is talking about Samsung. One of the leading companies in the market, and not only for televisions but also for mobile telephony, where its virtual reality glasses Samsung VR, with 3D simulation, have opened a new segment of the market. Therefore, we are talking about a revolution in which this Korean company has taken a step forward to make the jump to Smartphones.

It is not strange because since 1938 technological advances, especially linked to the world of the image, like the launch of the first plasma television, for example, have governed this company. Within this field, also related to mobile technology, the range of tablets and smartphones of the company has also opened up new worlds, both in processing quality and image, so that the arrival of these VR glasses are not a strange thing.

Just as it is not uncommon for 3D technology to jump to both flat and curved televisions, so with one of them it is easy to enjoy the maximum sensations by viewing any kind of compatible content.

best 3d glasses 2017

The Korean manufacturer LG is another of the great players in the world of the image and thanks to its technology and capability has also gained a niche within the 3D glasses market and its related products.

This manufacturer has historically bet on the development which has supposed marks several milestones in the world of the image as being the first developer to sell a 60-inch television in plasma format in 1998 or create an LCD television all in a 55 Inch in 2004 when technology was still relatively increasing. It would be in 2012 when LG began to launch its first televisions in 3D being one of the first manufacturers to jump on this new technology.

In LG’s range of 3D glasses, we find the same principles of simplicity and comfort offered by its products, including glasses for children and adults, glasses clip format that fit those who already wear glasses or glasses of active design that Enrich the experience of an image obtained.

best 3d glasses 2017

As a leading company in the world of image and sound, which has also been responsible for some of the major developments in the sector, it is no wonder Sony is also one of the companies analyzed in this article. As experts in the image were among the first to achieve advances in the best quality with its Bravia series, which supposed to bring the color and brightness to similar sensations to the real, optimized for all its products.

Something that allowed him to be one of the first companies to launch products with 4K resolution and therefore also has allowed him to have a position of privilege within the new curved and 3D televisions. In this situation, it is not surprising that Sony 3D glasses are among the most appreciated on the market.

On the one hand for its high quality and design and on the other for the fact of having designs of active and passive glasses that can be used both on their own products and as other 3D products, being suitable for PC with a suitable monitor or for Future tablets and other elements that will include these features.