Sony has come back to surprise with its innovations, in this case, in televisions. The brand has introduced the Sony Bravia A1 OLED, which is characterized by being a model in which the sound comes from the same screen. A differentiation that has been achieved thanks to the introduction of Acoustic Surface technology. And all this with a state-of-the- art design in which stands out the fine frame and the absence of support.


This Sony Bravia A1 OLED is the first branded OLED TV that is ready to launch the sound from the same screen. To do this, two actuators have been incorporated in the back to generate a vibration with which a surround sound is created. In addition, the subwoofer has also been integrated into the back of the TV so that the bass is more powerful and deep.

This feature is complemented by other innovations related to hardware such as the X1 Extreme processor, which has the ability to control more than eight million pixels individually so that the images and colors are more faithful and the viewer can see them as they were designed. With this processor, a unique contrast is generated.

Another feature is the high dynamic range 4K, which achieves greater sharpness and detail in the images by combining the brightness, color, and details of the dynamic range with 4K clarity. The triluminos screen to provide even greater reproduction in the color palette with the tones of the real world powers all this.


Very elegant lines, the Sony Bravia A1 stands out for its shape as it disappears stand and speakers to create a design that looks like floating and in which all attention is focused on the image.

Price and availability

So far, Sony has not confirmed the release date nor the price of this new TV.

As part of the introduction of the new product range, Sony has confirmed that Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now available for all 2015 and 2016 models, as well as for the releases just announced.

It also plans to upgrade its Android TVs from 2017 and 2016 to Android Nougat, although it has not given a date for this transition.

In the same way, all televisions in the new catalog arrive with Chromecast integrated as standard, which will facilitate interaction with other devices; Remote control with integrated microphone for voice content search –Voice Search–; And direct access to Google play.

Sony has also upgraded its high range with the Sony ZD9 TV – which reaches 100 inches – and with the XE94, XE93 and XE90 models, with which it closes this premium segment. In 4K HDR will also be framed the series XE85, XE83 and XE80, as well as the XD75 and XD70. Finally, the entry range, with the most affordable televisions, has the RE4, WE6, and WE75 models.